What is the cost of Kaplan University Online Degree?


, the cost of Kaplan University online degree tickle your brain cells? One of the top online schools we have today is Kaplan University. It has been making its mark in the world of online education.

You will find a wide selection of online degrees from undergraduate courses to post graduate programs as well as law degrees online. The cost of online college education at Kaplan University proves to be very affordable to prospective and current students. Online students are offered a variety of payment plans and they just have to choose what suits their budget.

Following are the costs that you incur at Kaplan University Online Degree phone. See who will be practical for you.

1. The fees listed for undergraduate online degree programs are the books the student will be using during the course. $ 353 per quarter credit hour plus an additional $ 100 / time charges for the technology will probably be a tuition fee you will pay.

2. The online graduate programs are charged on a per credit basis which ranges from $ 350 $ 420. Of course, the $ 100 fee is still charged each time.

3. Tuition for law degrees online are collected annually. The cost of the course with 24 units costs about $ 9250th additional credits above the allowable credits are going to pay $ 385 / unit. There is also an application fee is non-refundable amount of $ 100, which is shown to the student to have the opportunity to gain entry into the online law school.

There may be other expenses such as various fees, lab fees, etc. to the Registry have information. It is best for you to send them an email or call them to inquire about the plan fess that they have for their courses online. Once you have this information, you will be able to plan out how you can keep track of the cost of Kaplan university degree online.

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